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Crisis Core Fan Works

Welcome to Crisis Hardcore, a community for Crisis Core fanworks!


1. All content must somehow be related to Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. It can make allusions to other portions of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, but Crisis Core must be a focus.

2. You can post fan fics, fan art, icons, layouts, poetry, comics, music, audio dramas - Anything that you created to express your love of Crisis Core.

3. However, this community is not for general game discussion. Please direct that towards _crisiscore_.

4. Work of all genres and persuasions is allowed, but you must warn people accordingly! We don't mind if you post your latest NC-17 masterpiece, so long as you include all of appropriate warnings regarding content.

5. This means that we welcome het, yaoi, and yuri to be posted here and encourage all of our members to show the same tolerance.

6. All work must be under an LJ-cut or properly linked to elsewhere. Cross-posting to other communities or websites is fine.

7. As always, have fun and share the love we have for Crisis Core!


_crisiscore_ - The first CC LJ comm, the best place for news and discussion about the game.

Resources and Thanks

Header image comes from Jeux-France out of the June '07 issue of V-Jump. Profile image comes from FF7AC Reunion out of the Crisis Core Promotional Pamphlet.

Layout code was provided by premade_ljs

Special thanks go to marchwarden23 for giving us our name. ♥


Crisis Core is and will be Love!
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