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Crisis Hardcore
Love, madness, and more is here!
Fic: Amends (Sephiroth/Lazard) 
14th-Oct-2008 08:17 pm
Lazard being his sexy self
See? We're still alive and writing! Orin and I were roomies at AnimeUSA and we couldn't help but write ourselves some con fic. (Much to the curiosity of our male roomies)

Title: Amends
Authors: Wicked Orin and Schala-Kitty
Paring: Sephiroth/Lazard
Length: 3,644 words
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: General man on man sex
Summary: Lazard’s mouth gets him in and out of trouble quite frequently.
Disclaimer: Schala and Orin are simply obsessed fans who are not affiliated with Square-Enix in any way beyond having too much fun playing with their toys.

It had been a slip of the tongue. Something said in a moment of anger when he should have kept himself restrained. He honestly hadn’t meant to call Sephiroth “only the poster boy of SOLDIER” but when people kept treating the man like the head of the organization, the real director… got testy. He was the real mind and power behind things, had clawed his way up the corporate ladder to get there, and sometimes even he found the General’s fame annoying. That aside, he now found himself saddled with the task of not only apologizing but, apparently consoling the man. Which was why he stood armed with chocolate at the threshold of the man’s quarters.

The door was not opening. They both knew who was outside and how long he had been there. It wasn’t necessarily the general’s sense of pride… but he was finding it a bit harder to find any other reason to be standing on the other side of that door and not be opening it. Maybe if he knocked again… or called… Even Sephiroth was aware that he was being childish, but that’s where logic ended.

He considered calling through the door, but it seemed so unnecessary Not when they had technology at least. Pulling out his silver Tonberry PDA, Lazard pressed his speed dial to initiate some contact. No time was wasted with frivolity, just the simple request of, “Please, let me in.”

There was a quiet sigh on the other end. Instead of a response, he simply walked back to the door and unlocked it. Upon letting the door fall open, Sephiroth hung up and stood aside. He didn’t wish to be cruel to the other man, but even then… he wasn’t willing to admit how much it had hurt. “I wouldn’t stop you.” He informed quietly, truly wondering what Lazard’s purpose here was.

“It’s not about stopping,” Lazard began, forcing himself not to sound exasperated. “It is about… making things right,” he attempted to explain. That was a concept he was intimately familiar with and thought would be relatable to the both of them.

There was another sigh, but a softer one. Closing the door, he was a bit warmer about leading the man to sit. Sephiroth just let himself sit and tried not to watch the blond too closely. “It’s not… as needed as that,” he attempted. If he’d just been left alone for a bit things would have been fine.

Hopefully the next words wouldn’t be taken as an insult, “You’re a terrible liar, Sephiroth.” Many people considered the general to be emotionless, but it was simply a matter of careful observation. A quirk of the lips or the narrowing of his eyes revealed so much of the man. To show that he was serious about apologizing, the director calmly placed the box of chocolates on the coffee table.

The third sigh was actually somewhat fond. “This really wasn’t necessary.” That much was the truth at least. Though… Sephiroth didn’t exactly feel any shame in taking the lid off the chocolates – then handing it to Lazard. “But… it is appreciated.”

He knew protocol well enough to take one, but he also knew Sephiroth well enough to choose the coconut one to relieve the other of his least favorite candy. “I did wish to make amends,” the director explained once again. “What I said… it was rash and belittled all that you do for SOLDIER,” It seemed to be a very small and penitent Lazard spoke those words and an even further cowed one that added, “And I am quite sorry.”

There was a pause as the general selected a piece of his own – the double chocolate – taking a bite as he thought. “I doubt I need to say so, but… apology accepted.” What to say next seemed to escape him, just not certain where to steer the conversation… and then it occurred to him. “You have more respect for SOLDIERs than the rest of the executives.”

It was a true enough statement, Scarlet and Heidegger both too clouded with jealousy and Hojo always trying to stick his disgusting claws in deeper. The way he answered though, if one had known him completely, it would have been frightfully telling, “I have this… paternal feeling towards a great deal of you.” A desire to nurture them to suit his goals – the only machiavellian fatherly feeling he was capable of possessing.

It got a chuckle at least, Sephiroth feeling quite a bit more relaxed. “Is that all it is?” He almost challenged, a playful expression in his face. He had to admit, he was curious about the answer.

Well, if he was going to be asked… Clearing his throat and coyly glancing over his glasses, Lazard admitted, “Well, I can think of one SOLDIER in particular who brings out a very different set of feelings.” There was a rare eagerness hidden those words, the possibility of make-up sex being quite a powerful lure.

That laugh was entirely different, Sephiroth leaning forward and taking the last bit of his selected chocolate piece in a very slow, deliberate manner, licking his fingers. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He teased, not quite subtly moving to the couch to be closer. There was still a sting to those earlier words, but the fact that he understood the pressures that Lazard was under and this apology were more than enough to soothe it.

In these matters, he was hardly ever described as “bold.” But the way Lazard ever so calmly stood up and enticingly removed his cravat before straddling the general’s lap spoke otherwise. “I told you, Sephiroth,” his whisper was as smooth and rich as the chocolate, “You’re a terrible liar.” How he punctuated the sentence with a very passionate kiss, that was the epitome of bold.

It was nearly surrender then and there, the general’s purring into that kiss and gladly returning every nuance. He didn’t take control, simply taking and mirroring all that was offered. When the kiss came to an end, there was no doubt that the result was clear between them. “So what is the truth of this situation, then?”

Finesse was absolutely required above force. Just the rush of running his hands along the soft cotton T-shirt pulled so tautly over every last inch of muscle assured him of that. “That I am planning to make proper amends,” Lazard informed him first as his fingers gazed the smooth curve of the First Class’ neck. “And you get off on that.”

“I do.” He purred with no shame, no need for pretense. Hands lightly running along the blond’s arms, Sephiroth kept his touches intentionally away from the more obvious locations. He did make his desire to pounce quite obvious, however, the sparkle in his eyes telling.

But the blond was somehow faster, pressing the whole of his weight against Sephiroth’s. Not like that would stop a SOLDIER, but asserting a portion of his dominance was always enjoyable. “How much?” Lazard all but growled, getting off on using that tone as much as the question.

His hands slid down to Lazard’s hips, first merely caressing and then grabbing. “I would have said ‘more than you’… but I suspect that you know all too well.” From the director’s hips, his hands slide down to that perfect ass to pull them closer, grinding them hard against one another.

A gasp as hard as that motion left his lips, a full-body shudder following after. There truly was something to that power play dynamic between them, the rushes of adrenaline that came in the moments of switching between dominant and submissive. “I do,” Lazard finally managed to eek out in a breathless voice. “Because it’s probably as much of a turn-on as when you play so perfectly rough.”

There was the slight show of teeth as he considered this situation, massaging that ass. “Why Lazard… did you want me to play rough?” Sephiroth teased, voice smooth but just a little “vicious.” He could tear that suit apart, shred it in seconds, but he did have enough respect to wait for permission.

The sound that slipped through his lips was answer enough, so warm and wet and wanton. “Please,” the director almost whimpered, completely wiling to feed into Sephiroth’s desires. It kept the general content and loyal… and it kept Lazard in the bed of the most lust-after man on the Planet.

It was quick, trying to be careful of the director’s unenhanced body while at the same time completely shredding that suit from jacket to undershirt, taking the time to actually unbuckle and salvage Lazard’s belt before the pants were all too easily ripped open. Sephiroth barely waited to admire before he was entirely too interested in tasting the soft skin of the blond’s neck… perhaps with a careful but sharp bite.

That note of care in the form of removing his favorite belt did not go unnoticed. Though it was very hard to think of anything beyond the strong hands holding his naked body tight and hard against that far more powerful one. Totally exposed and utterly at the mercy of a man who could kill him twenty times over in a second, there Lazard found a high that simply didn’t exist elsewhere, made all the more potent by the those teeth pressing against his veins.

It really hadn’t been something that he’d asked before, not truly something he wanted, but in that moment it was only right. With the blond on his lap, he turned on the couch and surprisingly lightly pressed Lazard back against the cushions, pinning him there. It was in the general’s most deep, seductive voice that he nearly demanded, “Submit to me.” He knew that it was give and take between them… but this time, he wanted to be selfish.

It had been the pinning that did him in, something instinctual taking over. Completely drunk and drugged on the moment and the situation, feeding on the power radiating from the SOLDIER, there was only one answer, he could give, “Yes, sir.”

Just as instinctual was that kiss, full of passion and possession to the point of nearly being bruising. Sephiroth transferred both of the executive’s wrists to one hand before the kiss ended, using the other one to slide between them and tease at that chest pinching nipples between… mostly delicate fingers.

One of the greatest pitfalls of sleeping with a SOLDIER was being not only at the mercy of their strength, but also their senses. Sephiroth could feel his most minute reactions and knew how to build and layer every single one into a pure symphony of sensation. It left him squirming but not struggling in that grasp, mouth open at the most sinful sounds poured from his lips.

Chuckling as he just enjoyed watching all of Lazard’s reactions, it was rather a preference of his for the both of them to be enjoying themselves, and it would certainly seem as if they were. Giving a light nip to the closest earlobe, Sephiroth couldn’t help the hard, slow grind of his hips as he whispered, “Do you want me inside you? Do you want me to fuck you?” He was already working out in his mind how much time it would take to shred his own clothes.

A certain heightened awareness arose in these moments, something Lazard assumed was akin to a SOLDIER’s normal level of perception. Either way, he could feel each drop of precum squeeze its way out in reaction to those words. He had promised to make amends, and director planned to honor that. “Yes, yes,” the mantra began, the syllables drifting up and down in terms of tone and volume as guided by every last motion of Sephiroth’s hips.

Reaching beneath the couch cushions to find a half-full tube of lubricant, he pressed it quickly into the blond’s pinned hands to keep for him as Sephiroth began a similar quick and near violent removal of his own clothes, pants left barely hanging off his legs. Not that it truly mattered with nothing between them to buffer the sensation of two hot, hard cocks rubbing against one another. Even he had to pause and moan there, before reaching to take the lube back. He got the feeling that he would need to move fast for the both of them.

Being penetrated was one of those sensations always surprised Lazard with how quickly he adapted to it. Well, perhaps adapted was far too gentle a word as the movement of that single slick finger had him craving so much more. He should have been ashamed of how desperately he desired to be filled by the beautiful cock currently driving him mad…but he knew how many others fantasized about this exact situation. And he knew how incredible it felt – not only sexually – but also to have what no one else could.

He so thoroughly enjoyed the way that the blond reacted to that initial press, the soft circling of that entrance follow by that quick tensing, then shuddering forced relaxation of muscle. Sephiroth felt himself nearly shivering with that grip around one, and then two fingers as he made Lazard feel as though he were being just a bit more forceful than he really was.

Which was precisely what Lazard wanted. Each touch reinforced his submissive state, pushed him further into that realm. It was right around the point where he craved to be filled, needing more sensation than those fingers could ever offer. The blond was even beyond the point of begging, reduced to barely audible whimpers to communicate his desires.

Two fingers were almost too quickly three, forcing the muscles to protest slightly – but the general had the presence of mind to slow down a bit, nipping at Lazard’s neck to distract from the slight slowing…but the tap to the man’s prostate was likely to do a better job. That allowed him to stretch his fingers apart further, shifting into a better position for what was to come.

How completely debauched, panting at the sight of that cock as it was slathered with lube and left glistening in the room’s low light. Far more hypnotizing though was the sight of those vivid emerald eyes locked onto his body, their glow intensifying by the moment. He would always find Sephiroth to be gorgeous, but sometimes in these moments, when the man channeled himself into a pure force of nature as inescapable as gravity, that was when he was truly perfect.

It was a very specific look in those gray eyes, one that seemed to defy any logic that he could come up with; though that could easily have been the moment, sliding into that spectacularly hot, tight body always immediately destroyed all thought processes. Even Sephiroth would have to admit that this very moment when beyond almost all others, went far enough to make long days and missions worthwhile.

As Lazard would admit that these moments shook him to the core, made him question every last little plot and scheme. In the end, he couldn’t bring himself to extinguish the dark flame inside of him, but here a different, brighter one burned so much hotter in him. Maybe it was his one remaining shred of romanticism, but he swore he saw the same fire burning in Sephiroth’s eyes.

The general believed that there should have been something said then, something stated, admitted, simply spoken, but it was ether lost in the moment or mixed perfectly into the action, the smooth slide all the way in, the slowly back easily becoming a more powerful obsession by the minute. He moaned with the thrust, his grip on Lazard’s wrists loosening as he simply indulged in whatever natural rhythm came.

Without even realizing it, that little slip led to their hands becoming entwined. Perhaps it was a mistake or a more intimate gesture, but it didn’t matter just then. Not when those First Class hips continued to roll, his legs wrapping around them and squeezing on every down beat. Even if he ever succeeded in razing Shinra to the ground, some part of Lazard – however tiny and deeply buried it was – knew that these moments would always be sacred.

Nearly all was lost then, the moment comprised entirely of that rhythm, the building pleasure, slick and tight and incredible. Sephiroth could sense something more, something “closer” – but it couldn’t be focused on. What he intended to be a growl came out a bit more as a pleading sound, willing the blond to come, willing himself to follow…

A whining whimper answered, almost as if Lazard was afraid of giving in further. He certainly did so, orgasm consuming him in a sudden hot blaze. But in the charred afterglow there remained an outer peace and an inner unrest. He would never be able to bring himself to confess all of his sins, but he still offered a simple apology for every wrong he had or would commit against Sephiroth, “I’m sorry.”

The words did not immediately connect. Engaged in the sheer perfection that the blond’s body offered, Sephiroth had hit a rather brilliant blaze of orgasm himself, the afterglow lingering. It felt like quite a bit later when he finally realized what those words had been. It puzzled him more than anything else, worried him a bit. The apology seemed out of place for no apparent reason. “It’s…not necessary.”

Lowering his eyes just a bit, the blond tried to obfuscate his true motives behind more lies. “I just felt I should say it again, to be sure that you knew I was sincere.” Lazard was almost afraid of the kiss he felt obligated to offer, as if it would allow the general to see thought him to the filthy, ugly honesty inside.

There was something else there. Signs had been apparent for some time, just little things he had thought he’d seen… and then this one. Sephiroth was known for a cold patience, something kept locked away…”What is it really, Lazard?” The words were purely, deadly calm.

It left him momentarily defenseless, gray eyes revealing the fear within. It was gone an instant later, his abilities as a serial liar coming into play. “Just everything I have to put you through. The war, the battling, the death… I’m sorry.” Lazard subtly held his breath and silently prayed to every God he knew.

He knew he’d seen something even if he couldn’t define it. “Thank you,” the general offered in return, though flatly. He wasn’t sure how to react, what to do… but there was some hurt there that he didn’t understand. Nor did he understand the question he asked. “We are… close enough professionally to…not have to lie to one another, aren’t we?”

There was that supposed paternal side to him again, as much of a fabrication as the rest of him. “I wish I could say that was true in every case, but you know that sometimes I have to keep some things confidential.” And it was the addition he made in his mind that made the tiny moral portion of him ache, Including my heart.

The words were thought out, something in him still feeling uneasy... but Sephiroth did understand. “Yes,” he agreed honestly, “Professionally. I suppose… even personally, to a point…” Trailing off, he wasn’t even certain where the conversation was headed. After a moment, he could only sigh, “I’m sorry. I ask things that I have no right to.”

Sephiroth did have that right of course, but it was the fact that he did not exercise it that endeared the man to him. The director did respect the right to privacy at the least. “Don’t worry,” Lazard tried to assure, finding it in him to lightly pet that beautiful hair. “I promise,” how he could use that word or the ones that followed without hating himself was a miracle, “to be as honest as I can with you.”

There was a nod, knowing that the blond could at the very least feel his reaction. “I know,” he whispered after a moment. Lazard had given no reason to be suspicious on a professional level, however…”I think I just…I’m concerned about you at times,” Sephiroth admitted.

He felt the metaphorical knife twist a little more but he couldn’t show it. Tomorrow, he would have to perform a massive amount of penance but for tonight he would make further amends. “Thank you for your concern… I feel the same way about you.” Sitting up just enough to cup that face, Lazard sighed, “You are important to me.”

He didn’t understand the desire to avert his eyes, but Sephiroth refused to give into it. He could offer the blond a little smile, though, reaching up to similarly cup that soft, handsome face. “You are important to me, as well. I…understand rough days and stress.”

“That’s why nights like this are required,” he replied in a slightly wry tone. It was just as easy to distract with this body as it was with his words, an idea put to the test as he slid closer to the other man. “We help each other eliminate all of that stress.”

The deep, long breath was a bit of a cleansing one, drawing Lazard closer. Agreement wasn’t needed in any way other than to press up closely and tightly. Sephiroth took a long, deep breath of the blond’s skin. That smell had become quite welcome over time, enjoyed…wanted. Just like the man it belonged to.

Lazard for his part was glad to be able to breathe a sigh of relief, having saved his skin once again. Maybe someday there would be a time and a place to make proper confessions and amends. For now though, he would return that hold and find what comfort he could in his lies.
15th-Oct-2008 01:21 am (UTC)

And you two fit the bill beautifully every. fucking. time. The power play? Check. The blazing hot kinky sex? Check. The underlying angst so painfully, beautifully prevalent? Check. The hottest SOLDIER and the sexiest director in Shinra? Check. My pants reduced to ash? Check.

The hot and the ache, so good, so well written.

Lazard was almost afraid of the kiss he felt obligated to offer, as if it would allow the general to see thought him to the filthy, ugly honesty inside.

And that, yeah...that was the best line ever. Seriously. It's so true. Lazard skating on that edge of fear at having to lie to Sephiroth, and Sephiroth knowing something is up but respecting Lazard enough to not push it.

Superb. <3
15th-Oct-2008 03:02 am (UTC)
Wow. Yeah, what was said up there.
15th-Oct-2008 08:40 pm (UTC)
This pairing didn't hold a particular appeal to me before other than having two of the hottest bishies around involved. But this was so magnificient in every aspect that I feel a change coming up there.
15th-Oct-2008 09:42 pm (UTC)
Wow... just.... just wow.
Burning hot as always, and this time with a wonderful characterization of Lazard through the dialogue. Ever since I started liking Lazard it was hard to find fanfiction with him, but I daresay I read 80% of the existing ones and I guess this one has the most fitting description of him.

Hot kinky pron + getting the character just right + Sephiroth + Lazard = WIN!!!

(Sorry for the bad English... I am terribly tired, yet I just had to write the comment because I want you to know that there is another total addict to your fanfictions who wants you two to write more ;) )
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